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What are the methods of Screening & Diagnosis?

The first step in the diagnosis of incisional hernia is the review of symptoms and medical history. Your doctor will enquire about your prior surgeries, post-operative period and the intensity of pain.

Physical examination will be conducted.Your doctor will examine the bulge and ask you to strain or cough to check for the prominence of bulge at the incisional site.

Imaging tests such as ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) scan may be ordered to confirm hernia and rule out tumours or enlarged lymph glands. Size of the hernia in the images may help your doctor decide about the appropriate therapy for treating it. If necessary, your doctor may order a Herniagram testto confirm the hernia. A radio-opaque liquid is injected intothe bulged hole,and can be viewed in X-ray images.

Laboratory tests such as blood tests and stool tests may be ordered to check for infection, inflammation, bleeding and irregular bowels.